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Is your organisation really secure?

Identity Management and Data Access Governance Solution

Our Deep Identity’s Covid19 IDM promotion.

The world has been hit by a pandemic. #Covid19 is rapidly changing the way we work, communicate, and interact. Ramp up for your organization’s cybersecurity to meet the ever changing needs.

The Deep Identity’s IDM solution is a comprehensive plan for all your cybersecurity needs. An end-to-end Identity Management and Data Access Governance solution. Our solution handles identity life cycle management such as onboarding, movements, termination, rejoin and reorganization supporting different types of users such as fulltime staff, contractors and consultants. 

Our IDM solutions provide online access certification, access request, password management, reports and configurable workflows.

Our comprehensive solution addresses the following capabilities and expectations, keeping your organization safe and secure:

Authoritative source

Identity and entitlement management

Identity lifecycle management

Access request


Access policy and role management

Access certification

Connectors to target applications

Password management

Audit reporting and analytics

Deployment and administration

Expedited deployment

Enhanced user experience

Avail our COVID19 promotion for a limited time only. 

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