Deep Identity Access Vulnerability Assessment


Secure your organization with our free assessment! 

Keep your organization secure through these times. 

In an organization with multiple employees, interns, temp staff and contractors, how do you manually keep track of who has access to what?  Especially when everyone is working from home during these unprecedented times.


User accounts that have been left inactive for over a few weeks, are susceptible to hacking and miss use.   

Access your organization's Identity Governance & Administration (IGA). IGA is the policy-based orchestration of user identity management and access control to safeguard your organization and your business.   

Take the first steps towards securing your organization. Talk to us about a free assessment of your organization's identity governance. 

What’s in the assessment? 

Assessment of your organization's compliance to regulatory mandates. 

Assessment of your organization's access policy health and environment. 

Assessment of your current processes. 

Assessment of your current access policies and role management. 

Recommendations on solutions.

Avail our free assessment now for a limited time only.  

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Avail our free assessment now for a limited time only!

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