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Your Trusted Partner over the years

Deep Identity has one goal – achieving a risk-free environment for our customers to conduct their business using technology in the best way possible. 

We achieve this through continuously identifying strategic opportunities for developing and delivering solutions to our customers, with our esteemed partners. Our solutions are designed with open standards for seamless integration and interoperability with enterprise infrastructure and applications. At Deep Identity, we strongly believe in finding the right synergy with our partners to ensure our clients have access to our solutions.

The Deep Identity Partner Program was devised to equip each of the partners with solutions and technology to meet the unique needs of each company. Our partners enjoy high-level access to IACM technology and have been trained adequately to impart the best practices governing the Identity and Access Management Domain.


Technology Partners

Our Technology partners are established enterprise infrastructure and applications providers ranging from Mainframe to cloud computing. We work closely with our partners to ensure our solutions are certified and tested constantly to ensure these technologies are being supported out of the box or with minimum integration effort.


System Integrator

Our systems integrators in various countries have been trained and certified to implement our solutions. Our SI partners have been involved in implementing our Identity and Access Management projects, understand our solutions and are able to deliver solutions to meet customers’ requirements.


Managed Services Provider

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners provide a variety of services to ensure customer network, systems and applications are available and well protected. Our MSP partners are also engaged in Managed Identity Services and use our solutions to provide value added services to their customers. This helps customers to have one stop solution center for SIEM and identity audit, while reducing TCO.


Consulting Partners

Our consulting partners bring highly valuable experience and domain expertise in the audit and access governance domain. At Trusted Technologies, we work very closely with consulting partners to ensure our customers obtain an independent view on the overall project and solution implementation. Customers are constantly engaged by our consulting partners to ensure their regulatory requirements or audit gaps are being addressed. 

Partner with Us

Partner with us!

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