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Identity Management Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Deep Identity's pioneering identity management solution is one of the most comprehensive and flexible solutions on the market. Built on light-weight, adaptable, and open architecture frameworks – a solution accelerator, perfect for developing a cost-effective bespoke solution tailored to your needs. 

Secure your organisation's security breaches!

Trusted Identity enables you to protect your organization with a complete range of Deep Identity access governance and administration solutions. Our integrated identity and data governance products are built on lightweight, flexible and open architecture. 

Audit & Compliance Manager

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Audit & Compliance Manager is the industry’s most comprehensive solution that provides a ‘layered approach’ to identity governance and administration. 


Identity Manager

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Identity Manager is the industry’s most lightweight solution that provides a “layered” approach to identity administration.


Privilege Identity Manager (PIM)

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Privilege Deep Identity Manager (Deep Identity PIM) is the industry’s most practical and non-intrusive solution to address privilege identity-related challenges in any organization.


Data Governance Manager 

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Data Governance Manager  provides complete automation for identity, data access governance and lifecycle management with integration across modules and systems.

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Our solutions perform multi-level risk analysis across applications, databases and operating systems. Our Deep Identity solution suite is: 

Comprehensive solution

Flexible & agile solutions

Lower TCO

Integrated GRC & data access governance

Enterprise scale integration

Easy, comprehensible user experience

Immediate ROI


Among the many Clients Who Trust Us are ...


Ready for a seamless identity and data governance experience?

Learn how our bespoke technologies can help your organization manage and secure your applications, access, and data.

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