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Identity Management Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Deep Identity's flagship Identity Management solution is one of the most comprehensive and flexible solution in the market. Built on modern IGA infrastructure, lightweight and modular design with production-ready integration templates, simplified UI, guides and documentation.

Why businesses need Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions

Businesses in Singapore require identity and access management solutions to secure their digital resources effectively. These solutions enable them to control and monitor user access to sensitive data, applications, and systems, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. By implementing robust identity access management measures, businesses in Singapore can ensure data privacy, meet compliance requirements, and prevent data breaches. 


Moreover, these solutions streamline user onboarding/offboarding processes, enhance user experience, and reduce administrative burdens. Overall, identity access management solutions are vital for maintaining a secure and efficient digital environment, fostering trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Secure your organisation's security breaches!

Deep Identity enables you to protect your organization with a complete range of identity and access management solutions. From robust authentication mechanisms to fine-grained access controls, our suite of tools is designed to meet the diverse and evolving security challenges faced by modern businesses.

Audit & Compliance Manager is the industry’s most comprehensive solution that provides a ‘layered approach’ to identity governance and administration. 

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Identity Governance

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Designed for complex user groups and hybrid infrastructures with layered approach to make access reviews guided and fast.

Identity Manager is the industry’s most lightweight solution that provides a “layered” approach to identity administration.

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Identity Manager

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Facilitate the management of identities to seamlessly assign, modify and disable access when user join, move and leave the enterprise.

Privilege Identity Manager icon

Privilege Deep Identity Manager (Deep Identity PIM) is the industry’s most practical and non-intrusive solution to address privilege identity-related challenges in any organization.

Privileged Identity Manager (PIM)

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Helps organization to enhance security posture, prevent insider threats through secured password vault and privileged session monitoring.

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Data Governance Manager  provides complete automation for identity, data access governance and lifecycle management with integration across modules and systems.

Data Governance Manager (DGM)

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Establish granular access permissions to improve data security, privacy and limit unauthorised access through data classification and policies.

IAM compliance regulations

IAM systems need to be verified to ensure compliance with laws and regulatory requirements. An IAM system eliminates the need for manual tracking of entities accessing an organization's systems and their usage, streamlining the auditing process. This automation expedites audits and reporting. IAM systems are crucial for demonstrating proper governance of sensitive data access, a requirement in many contracts and laws. Meeting regulatory requirements encompasses data access governance and privacy management, precisely what IAMs are designed to facilitate.

IAM solutions enable identity verification, suspicious activity detection, and incident reporting, which are vital for compliance with regulations like Know Your Customer, Suspicious Activity Reporting, GDPR, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Organizations can more effectively adhere to these strict security standards and meet compliance obligations by implementing an appropriate IAM system. 

Deep Identity provides a full range of identity governance and administration solutions to cater to the various needs of your organization.

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Our solutions perform multi-level risk analysis across applications, databases and operating systems. Our Deep Identity solution suite is: 

Comprehensive solution

Flexible & bespoke solutions

Lower TCO

Integrated GRC & data access governance

Enterprise scale integration

Easy, comprehensible user experience

Immediate ROI

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