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Your trusted partner for all your technology needs.  

Your organisation is growing and evolving and so must your technology!​

Evolve and protect your business as you grow with us. Our Trusted Identity and Trusted Integration teams work with you to grow and evolve your business through technology solutions, identity solutions, system integration and EdTech’s collaborative and virtual white-boarding solutions to bring you more personalized learning experiences.

Our Solutions


The                    Difference

We value innovative and secure ideas. Our teams invest in new, smart, and effective ideas that translate into solutions that secure and protect your enterprises.


We’ve just been featured on APAC CIO Outlook magazine!

While Deep Identity grows from strength to strength, we have come a long way in catering lean, enterprise solutions that enables your company to shift away from complicated existing processes. We believe in going beyond solutions by giving you a seamless transition that eases your experience syncing existing processes with our products.


We have done some exciting work with Central Provident Fund (CPF) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF), where we integrated the conglomerate into our network in just 2 weeks. Our products such as Privilege Identity Manager (PIM) and Identity Manager (IM) are lean and customizable to any enterprise.


Make the transition into safer, leaner and cleaner solutions.

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Ready for a seamless identity and data governance experience?

Learn how our technologies can help your organization grow, evolve and adapt. 

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