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With Trusted Partners,
You Can Scale & Grow with Confidence

According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance, 79% of all companies experienced a data breach between 2020-2021. This unprecedented level of cyber threats come during a time when companies are racing to adapt to one of the most tumultuous business environments in recent history. 

This is where a trusted team of some of the most experienced identity management professionals makes a difference.  

With Deep Identity's Managed Services team, you can instantly tap into decades of experience in identity access management (IAM) and identity governance & administration (IGA). Optimise your identity solutions and ensure compliance at all times.


With a trusted team of IAM & IGA experts partnering and operating alongside your business, you can scale and growth your company effectively and with confidence.   

Understand Where You Stand

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Assess your current state with a comprehensive gap analysis of your existing identity management efforts. Receive recommendations for improvement, as well as a roadmap for the future, as you establish an ideal IAM/IGA structure.  


Progressive Enhancements Without Interrupting Ops

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Transition confidently to the new identity management framework with minimal disruption to your business. Deep Identity's experts will facilitate a thorough knowledge transfer to your organic team to ensure your organisation attains and retains skills and competencies.


Day-to-day IAM Management, Monitoring, Reporting 

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Ensure high levels of operational performance and continuity with both your organic and Deep Identity's expert Managed Services team, freeing up your precious workforce to focus on scaling and growing your business.

Among the many Clients Who Trust Us are ...


Your Peace of Mind Awaits. 

With our experienced and seasoned team watching your back, you can grow and scale with a peace of mind. Talk to us today.  

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