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Open source cyber security and you

The tradeoff between agility and enterprise software is not a new conversation. The lower cost of entry, customizability and publicly available source codes make a great case for open source cyber security software. Over 96% of the enterprise market uses open source cybersecurity software – the beauty of the openness and availability of the code, at times, is the same reason which makes it equally vulnerable.

If you are using an open source security software or thinking of implementing one in your organization, have a quick look at the following checklist to see if its right for you.

  • Code history – Before adopting any open source software always check its history. Has the software been around long? How regular are its updates and bug fixes and is there commercial support available or are the updates manual? A robust support ecosystem is vital to ensuring your software stays up to date with threats.

  • Integration to your existing systems – Open source software is usually designed with a specific purpose or need. In many instances, the software may not integrate seamlessly with your existing legacy systems, leaving your enterprise vulnerable and exposed.

  • Compliance with regulatory boards – Most countries have put in place cyber security regulations specific to certain industries. Open source software is usually left open ended for customization and may not meet the regulatory requirements. In this instance, a customized access software might be a better fit for your organization.

  • The cost trade off – With the lower cost entry point, open source cyber security software might seem like the perfect way to test the waters. However, due diligence is always vital as the cost of a security breach would negate any savings in the process.

Enterprise cybersecurity today has become an elaborate dance between the white and black hats – each side countering the other with stronger threats and defenses. Before committing to any security software, do weigh the pros and cons specific to your industry and your enterprise.

Confused on which cybersecurity software would fit your organization’s needs? Test the waters with Deep Identity’s IDMx plug and play software. IDMx is the industry’s most lightweight solution that provides a “layered” approach to identity administration and it’s a great way to pilot and test a security software across your organization. Talk to our team to find out more.



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